Business Meeting


Our aim is to provide excellence in terms of the advertising and selection process, based on our knowledge of the business environment and the job market.

We regard the quality of the people as the single most important component in the success of the any business.  If a business has the potential to succeed at all, the right people will translate that potential into reality.

In the current business climate, attraction and retention of talented staff is a critical element in business competitiveness: that is where we play our part.  From there, you can manage your business, secure in the knowledge that a fundamental has been taken care of.



The Career Professionals offer you:

  • An approach that involved organisational understanding, listening and accurately determining the needs and objectives of your particular business​

  • A methodology that includes careful job analysis and the establishment of required key competencies.  These are explored in behaviourally/scenario based interviews and backed up by verbatim verbal reference checking aimed at further checking the alignment between the requirements of the job and the candidates' work histories.  With the consent of referees, verbal reference checks are taped for accuracy​

  • Comprehensive Reports.  We ask behaviourally based questions of candidates based upon competencies required by our client for the job.  We assist the the client to establish these when we are briefed on the assignment. The final report on each candidate will include at least one verbal reference check, based on these competencies, taped (with prior consent of the referee) and recorded verbatim.​

  • A wealth of personal business experience - in the areas we offer recruitment services.

  • Experience of the commercial issues effecting multinationals - in the Asia Pacific region and a complete cross-section of local business in New Zealand - all to CEO level.

  • Depth of recruitment experience, from middle to senior management level, in:

    • Legal​

    • Accounting and Finance

    • Engineering - civil, electrical, mechanical and chemical

    • Sales & Marketing

    • IT & Telecommunications

    • Manufacturing & Logistics

    • Sciences & Technical​

  • Commitment to the best outcome for client companies and candidates' careers​

  • The highest standards of integrity​

  • Accessibility, communicative at all times​

  • Timeliness