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Commonly, "careers consultants" are trained in areas such as psychology and career development theory and are not particularly close to the reality of the "job market".  In the large recruitment consultancies, career management is invariably separated from the recruitment process.

At the Career Professionals, our consultants' skills encompass the whole career management framework, from assessment and course selection at secondary and tertiary education level, through to career transition and management at CEO level, nationally and internationally with the world's largest multi-national outplacement and career management consultancy - as well as recruitment and search with some of New Zealand's top corporates.​  Learn more...




Frequently, recruitment consultants are contacted by people seeking an opportunity to discuss their personal "career issues".  These include such questions as: future career direction, the job market and current employment trends, whether or not to re-train and what companies to approach for employment opportunities.

​Because employers pay recruitment consultancies to advertise for and select staff, the recruiters are seldom able to offer time to individuals to discuss personal career issues.​


Recruiters are also rarely trained in career management: they can give informed advice on the job market and marketability, but not on processes such as self-assessment, skills, interest, values and strengths, for example.​

At The Career Professionals, our ongoing experience and integration of career management and recruitment enables us to offer an all-encompassing Career Management service, to assist people in making informed, commercially well-founded decisions on future career directions.

This comprises:

  • Self Assessment - using internationally recognised tools to enable evaluation of skills, interests, values, strengths and preferences.

  • Exploration of Options and Opportunities - assessing employability, goals and possible need for further study or training.

  • Career Action Planning - strategies to achieve goals, self-marketing, CV assessment, interview and negotiation skills.

  • Ongoing Career Management - assessment of business trends, priorities, options and employability.

  • Outplacement support